No Links To Downloads On New Site?

Am I just lost or did you really put up a new BB and leave the resources on the old forum?
Seems even those links (even those uploaded in 2018 are now unavailable.

I would have thought you would have simply mirrored everything before you threw the switch so it’d be easier on the users.

Please tell me I’m frustrated for no good reason and it’s all just hiding?


I’m finding the answers in other threads…
Consider me frustrated.

Really should have been a better way to get the resources set before the switch, no?

So - we were originally planning to hold off on the switch until we could move the resources with it, but the old forum was no longer supported/updated so we were rapidly losing out on functionality.

One of the major issues was that the emails stopped being able to be sent, meaning new users couldn’t sign up, and existing users couldn’t recover their passwords if lost. We felt that this was a major issue and fast tracked the migration so that we could at least keep the forum running without having people unable to access it and their accounts.

Currently, Irving is dedicating 100% of his development time towards a solution for the resources migration and we have other work being performed on some of the other aspects of the move like missing images, broken links, and customization of the theme.

TL;DR The old forum was broken and we had to migrate faster than we were prepared for to ensure access. We’re working on resources and the solution should be ready soon.

I’ve calmed down a bit…
Was frustrated as I had this week to get lots of work done setting up my list (folder) and it just happen to coincide with this switch.

I understand… And hope the rest of the transition goes smoothly. For all of us! :sunglasses:

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Thanks for your understanding!

BTW, if you have any specific feedback regarding the forum’s organization, functionality, or it’s look, feel free to send a PM to me and I can work on it. One of the benefits of this new forum is it’s increased flexibility so we can change a lot about it and I plan to make a few changes tomorrow based on feedback we’ve already received.

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