No Sound from my iMac

Hey Groovers.
I’ve had my BB for a year now and all is going well with our gigs (not so many at the mo with co…)
The BB manager on my iMac suddenly stopped producing any sound when I played a song - apart from the snare drum button???

The BB pedal is still going with my SD card through my p.a. however I want to put some new beats on and just a little scared I’m going to lose all sound… I’ve got 4 sets on the SD card.

Any ideas please

Don’t know if this will solve your lack of iMac audio with the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) but you can give it s as try and let us know When the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) doesn’t launch (or export a project to the SD card) in newer versions of the macOS

When I had audio problems a couple of years ago on my Mac Mini, it turned out to be a setting in the System Preferences/Sound which had somehow changed following a macOS update.

Hi Persist,

Firstly thank you for responding so quickly :slightly_smiling_face:

I remembered that I did do an update recently so likely the reason for the mute!

I’ve transferred all onto my lappie now and BB is working perfectly.

Thanks again

Glad you’re back in business.

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Hi there.

I went through the process but unfortunately it didn’t work.

So I reached out to the Support team and the wonderful Jae from Miami hooked up with me and did his magic ie saved my exisiting files, wiped the corrupted files, downloaded the new system, and restored my files - beeyyootaful!

Many thanks to Jae and the support team

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Glad to hear Jay for you up and running again.