No Sound


Hi all! I received my BeatBuddy on Friday.

According to the LCD, everything appears to be in working order, but there is no sound, either through the 1/4" outputs nor through the headphone output. I am able to adjust both volume controls (master and headphone), with the LCD indicating that I am adjusting the volume level, but nothing comes out. I have tried multiple headphones, and multiple channels (Roland keyboard amp).

I have tried powering it down and back on again multiple times per recommended troubleshooting.

Anybody else have this problem? If so, were you able to solve it on your own or is it a defective unit?




Unfortunately I recall only a single user that had such a problem on the forum, but the reason apparently was a defective unit :frowning:

At least he had sound when he used the other output socket (R channel).


It appears that downloading the SD Card Backup and replacing the contents of the SD solved the problem. The card only had 95 megs of files on it as shipped from the factory. It is also possible that there is a problem with the SD reader on the unit itself, since every time I bring it into Windows it wants to repair the damaged file system.

Also, the first time I tried to copy the content over onto the SD card I did it by plugging the BeatBuddy in to the USB port. It copied all but the last meg or two and then the drive magically disappeared. I could not reconnect it until I powered off the BeatBuddy and powered it back on. So then I just put the SD card directly into my computer and copied the files this way.