Noise from beat buddy or bose or combo?

Hi -
i have aeros/mm/bb running through mackie pro fx12 to a bose pro l1 16. I am powering all the SS gear with a CIOKS power supply

The bose is whisper quiet with just mic going through mixer.

when the BB and Aeros are on there is a loud sort of hiss coming through. If it turn either the BB or the Aeros off, it goes away completely.

interestingly, i do not get the hiss if i plug into my QSC k10s… so i don’t know if it’s an issue with BB/Aeros, Bose or the combination?

The CIOKs is supposed to be a great power supply and I assume not contributing to the noise?

Any ideas/confirmations would be most appreciated!


You’re probably on the right track trying to isolate the issues. Some possibilities to try:

  1. Instead of the power brick, try your configuration but use the Singular Sound power adapters; if still noisy, it could be the mixer, Bose or pedals.
  2. Next, remove the Bose but leave the pedals thru the CIOKS and listen to the mixer with headphones only; still noisy? Run the pedals again they the SS power adapters? If still noisy, it’s the mixer or the pedals. You’ll probably have to start experimenting with your mixer settings i.e., gain or perhaps a ground loop.
  3. Try the pedals direct into the Bose.
  4. There are probably other variables you can experiment with and I’ll leave those up to you to outline and test.

There are several other posts on this forum with somewhat similar problems. Happy hunting and testing. Please let us know if you can resolve the issue as I’m sure other users will benefit from your experience.

OK will do… FYI, I do actually hear the noise in my QSC k 10 also…it’s just that the bose seems to be louder in general, so the noise seems louder there, too. going direct the noise floor is much lower, but the noise is still there a little (although completely acceptable)

what does the power supply for beat buddy look like? I’m not sure which one is which?


found the adapter… definitely seems to be much quieter. I also tried a different set up with the CIOKs - i was using a splitter cable from cioks to power bb and something else… if i just use single cable from CIOK to BB, seems much quieter so far. Maybe this will be useful to others.


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PS - big thumbs up to CIOKs support for getting back to me with the solution (don’t use chain power for beat buddy… digital pedals need a dedicated cable)… on labor day no less!!!

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