noise in my guitar rig with the BB


Wanted to show off my BB last night at a gig.

Patched the out into my RC50 which has the routing go to both the main output (PA) & the aux output (my marshall’s 2nd chan)
Signal to the PA was as expected… great… but with the guitar amp on, I had a horrible buzz through my guitar rig. More like a digital timing thing as opposed to electrical hum…

I suspect it’s coz I was using my normal regulated power supply to power the BB along with my pedals… but as I didn’t have the supplied PS with me I couldn’t confirm.

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this ??



I believe there was one similar situation like you have. If I am not mistaken, it was fixed by using another power supply.


You will likely need a ground lift cable, or a ground lift adapter (if it’s a grounded power supply)


Yes I had to solve this myself. Ticking noise form another digital device. Horrible :smiley:

Get yourself a isolated supply.

These are expensive (I have one), starting at around $100us for a decent one (don’t cheap out).

But you can also swap around adapters until one works. If you daisy chain that’s asking for it :wink:


I got this when I used my Onespot. when I switched back to the PS that came with the pedal, it went away. Gotta have a dedicated plug.