[noob question] delete a single track in 6x6 mode

I just got the pedal and maybe I’m missing something here, but I can’t manage to delete/erase a track, only mute/undo. If I record a track and then overdub I can only undo the overdub. Is there a way of simply deleting the track or is this not possible? I’ve tried both the latest official as well as the beta version.


also simply stopping/muting a track seems not as easy as I would like, double tapping the track does not always work. Anyone have a solution for this?

just hold the switch, this happend in two step
you will see the undo and when you see “record” in red, than the track is erased (you still see the waveform in the background)

Hey there,

There is no way to directly delete a track on the Aeros, you must undo that track and re-record to it. Undone tracks in most cases are built to behave like any empty track

You undo a track by pressing and holding the button until the layer you want to undo is undone, remember there are two possible layers, to undo both layers hold the button until the second layer is undone.

You can verify the undone state by looking at the track clocks.

The undone track clock will have a small hole if only the overdub layer is undone and a big hole if the base layer (bottom layer) is undone.

Thanks for the question!

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