Notation Info SysEx sending invalid data? [NO]

I believe the notation info SysEx messages sent out aren’t valid. I haven’t really looked at SysEx before, but was just implementing some bits in Arduino when I came across this (I may well be wrong!).

For a 2/4 signature, BB sends:
F0 7F 7F 03 04 02 18 08 F7

…but if the intent is for an immediate change I believe it should be sending the following (with an additional 2 bytes):
F0 7F 7F 03 02 04 04 02 18 08 F7
where 02 = immediate (or 42 to change at the next bar) and 04 is the number of bytes to follow

That’s my understanding from reading:
This could explain sync issues with various loopers.

Turns out MIDI-OX hides the additonal bytes, they are indeed being sent.
…or more likely, the cheapo USB-MIDI cable I’ve been using is losing the data.