Np Standard Pro Bass

When I use this drum kit it sounds like crap.I have updated everything it like its holding the note and not hitting the bass notes makes my subs go crazy

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I’m not feeling any love for this either…it plays intermittently, so I open the edit , quantize it…
& it sounds like it’s been bathed in reverb, I end up reloading a new version of the song …
& leaving it alone or looking for one kit that will play it …
Ludwig w bass is the most consistent, or Stu’s Rock1 low D

How about providing a link to one of the songs that’s not sounding so good?

I’m not saying the SP kit is wrong, (I love the P bass) sounds. … I’m just saying something happens.
Today I opened Phil’s Tequila to see what the heck he’s up to , but the sng said tequila bass kit , so I uploaded it to the sng,
another kit was showing (superbass low D ) at the top (player) When I changed it to T bass kit … the low rumbling sounds start.
It happened w Marcello jazz kit Brother can you etc,… I was listening & enjoying the tune , had to look under the hood,
blurred notes drenched in ______ ? …
I’m just on my way outoftown,
this is the cole’s notes version.

Are you referring to the lenght of the notes that lasts untill the next note and so on?..

Because I have the same thing going on, and with this kinda problem it seems impossible to play for example, funky stuff with fast short notes…I guess the editor is meant to adjust the velocity of the note, but not the duration…But it’s just a guess.
Anyway, it’d be great if someone could point us to the right direction :slight_smile:

You’re on the right track. The BBM was not originally designed to process bass notes and it’s only been several iterations of the BBM s/w and the f/w that it’s now able to process the note offs for the bass notes. Usually using the NP drum/bass kits reduces or improves the bass audio.

Well…actually it’s no big deal…It’s a drum-machine after all, and in that case, it works great :slight_smile: