Oh Darling

can someone tell me what beat to use with Oh Darling by the Beatles? I know it’s 3/4 time, but I just can’t seem to match it up with anything. (This is usually my problem with the BB)


Try 6/8.

This should do the trick

Thanks…I’m going to act really stupid here… I’ve only had the BB for two weeks and don’t have a clue as to how to get files into it… Can you point me in the right direction?

here are some video tutorials on how to work with the Beat Buddy Manager


Hey thanks a lot… It was helpful. I’m think I’m confused as to the differences between EXPORT and SYNCHRONIZE … If I’m correct, to bring a new .sng into the BB, first I create a folder, import the .sng into it, but then what???

Have you read the manual?

Yes I have … I don’t think the manual goes into it with enough depth… At least fir me.

Charles … Thanks a lot, but BBMGR balks at the file, giving me a parsing message. Any ideas? Probably me.

Every song from every contributor has had an error message when I try to dl into BBmgr, …

Internal parsing errors …song file read from buffer ERROR wrong header version
Abstract file part model read from file ERROR TBD file was not entirely read …skipping file.

Ive upgraded to firmware 1.41 … BBmgr is 1.33 … nothing is working
(except the songs already on my BBuddy)

I’ve done the same upgrades. As I’m new, I can’t generalize, but I have noticed compatibility issues.

Apparently it will all get better after installing BBmgr 1.41
Had to look for it , but, here it is . :wink:


just dl’d Oh Darlin with new BB mgr 1.4.0 upgrade …whew !!

Hmmm… I thought it wasn’t released yet! Is this beta?

Yes, but feel free to use it :slight_smile:
All major bugs were fixed long ago, and there were no serious new ones introduced!.. most likely.

The only “issue” is to make the versions backwards compatible that is quite key for users sharing songs etc…