Oh no, volume issues

FIXED I have a gig tomorrow and for the first time I am experiencing issues. I am playing through the first song of the set and 30 seconds into song the volume is drastically reduced it seems at the same spot, I have not done the newest firmware and have not synced since update BBmanager to 1.64

Does anyone have any ideas what is going on?

Please update to the latest firmware: http://mybeatbuddy.com/firmware/

If you download the latest software then you can open up the song track in the MIDI editor to see if there are some velocity differences on certain MIDI notes, as that may possibly be the reason (and then you can manually raise the velocity). Here is a link to our newest software: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/beatbuddy-manager-software-1-64-win-mac.6232/

Additional tests/things to check

If the volume is drastically reduced all of a sudden, I suggest checking the cables and audio system to make sure it is not one of those (i.e. try different cables and try using headphones and see what happens). Once you check that, you can see whether or not that’s the issue or something else. If the same thing repeats itself despite trying those suggestions, then you may want to replace your SD card. If that doesn’t seem to resolve the issue, let us know: support@singularsound.com

Same but different for me…I’ve had my BB for some time now without a problem…tonight at rehearsal…sudden loss of volume…song still playing but at low volume…I fixed it by stomping on the pedal a coule of times…quite firmly…later I lost volume again with a ‘normal’ pedal press…fixed again by stamping on it…cables all check out…mixer checks out…connections ok. Could it be wear occurring in the switching mechanism…I haven’t seen any other reference to this problem in the forum…I’m sorry if I missed it…any thoughts? I’ll update if I find a cause of the problem…but so far not obvious. Latest firmware and BBManager updates as a July30 2016.

Update… I tried to recreate the problem at home today…and couldn’t…good and bad…good that it didn’t happen again…bad that I still don’t know what the problem was

Just in case anyone comes across the same problem, what did you do to fix this?

I am not sure if the issue I have is related but the Beat Buddy volume percentage does not go higher than 13% and the volume knob does not alter the volume when turned