Ok...just created 4 midi files...now what?

If you have midi files ready to go then this is how I understand you add them to beat buddy.

  1. Open beatbuddy manager.
  2. Use an existing folder or create a new one (File - New Project.)
  3. Go to Songs and choose new song
  4. Click on main loop (the dots) in the new song frame
  5. You will be now taken to search your computer for your midi files
  6. Click on the mid file you want to use as your main loop and in should appear in your new song main loop position.
  7. Do the same with any other Fillls, transitions. etc.
  8. Press on the + box if you want to add another loop for chorus or bridge.
    Hope this helps.

Wow!! The BeatBuddy is seriously easy to use!! Not knowing how to map/re-map midi is your issue. Even that isn’t difficult!!!

You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

I’m surprised that a man of your vast experience can’t figure out how to set this puppy up!!1 hour will do it, then you’ll be ready for live :slight_smile:

Perhaps… you are just smarter than me…

Not really, I think you’re just missing a trick. I can see that you are a little frustrated, but with a little effort, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised. Give it a go…I’ll help you if you need it…