One Shot Parts for Aeros

This’s a great idea!

This would be awesome!


What would be the best way to do this?
Make it so that you can have a pre set length for each song part and then also have a setting whether it loops back more than once when played?
What would happen after that part is played? Does playback stop? Does it go to previous song part, or next?
Give us your thoughts on how this feature should work!

I think it could be thinked as a sampler on this way,
so… if there is an option for tracks playback mode: one shot/Loop/¿Reverse?
and then a setting to select playback inmediately/EOM/EOL
Let’s suppose modes 1,2,3,… So, each track it’s gonna have different playback modes

I agree with Brennan, that this is not an easy to structure feature, having consequences to the whole design.
So indeed firstly we would need to have some settings per part, see also my post about a song matrix. Two flags would do for this purpose: Once-Off. When nothing is checked nothing extra happens.

  • When Off is checked this part is been disabled (muted, not editable, skipped).
  • When Once is checked: in playback/overdub/record when reaching the end of this part, then one returns to the beginning of the previous part (the one we came from, if not defined then the first part). When unchecked the part loops, like it is now.

For me this feature has not a high priority, however it is a good idea.


Suggestion: Add a simple capability to flag a part as a one shot and a provide basic setting to control where it goes next and a simple default rule.

Get more complicated in later updates. Advanced features like tracking the stack of part changes and returning “back” wil help some but may make the feature too large./complex to build with limited resources.

This is exactly where I would draw the line between the standalone device mandatory features and something more advanced you can manage with MIDI.
I think the impact of introducing this as a core feature, although appealing, would imply too much on the FUI (credits to @Quad for this name that I like a lot…). But having these kind of complex flows manageable using MIDI would be awesome and probably a real incentive for people to actually add a MIDI controller…

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It would be great to have the option to utilize a 2 (or 3) button switch rather than an expression pedal that would be user assignable for different commands (like undo/redo) or whatever. This would be a smaller more limited option to implementing a full midi foot control.

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Sadly, we don’t have a footswitch in for the Aeros, the best way to expand is with a MIDI device. We haven’t gotten far into this particular feature yet, but hopefully we can implement a simple way to set one shot parts with the buttons. Worst case, it will be a touchscreen function.


Perfect use case for a utility menu accessed by footswtich.

One Shot parts… but then, why not MIDI tracks, and then FX, and FX busses… At a point, that is what a DAW is for. The Aeros is a looper. I think we should keep it simple. I opted for the Aeros because, when it comes to looping, I don’t need and don’t want to have all the features of a DAW. While I will push all the features requests that will turn the Aeros into the ultimate looper ever build, I am reluctant to features that will make it depart from a looper AND add complexity to its usability.

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I get that it’s a slippery slope and an ever more complex looper can go too far.*

One shot parts have long history with loopers and go back to at least to the Boss, JamMan, and Boomerang pedals. The trick is to make them accessible and useful … while keeping the basic operations simple and efficient.

I like to think the Aeros will break new ground for a looper, but let’s nail the basics.

*Note: That argument can be applied to many features beyond basic RPO. Not saying we should add midi tracks or the like, but poor little one shot (which I call “chorus”), yeah

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I thing that is the cool thing that makes the Aeros different from the rest of the loopers, it is more than just a looper. I do agree on keeping things simple and intuitive though.

This is something we think about often, we are with you on keeping simplicity, we haven’t gotten past the sketching stage for this, so there is still much unknown about how it will be implemented UX wise and if it will be hands-free and how. I know there are already proposals underway.

That’s the goal

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Late to the party here, but the way I would like it to see it work is the same way the Helix LT looper works. It’s the feature I like most about the LT looper, but I would like to move to using the Aeros and the MIDI Maestro to simplify it because the LT requires too much tap dancing to get in and out of 6-button mode.

For example, when I’m performing with the Helix, after I’m switched over to 6-button looper mode I start the loop and play the chord pattern under the solo once. At the end of the loop I hit the Play Once button, and then I can play a standard-length solo and forget about the looper entirely because it will stop after one loop. When it’s done, I can just pick up playing the chords when I start singing again. So that’s a sample of what it would look like for me, and using the MM to do it would be ideal.

Is it possible to set up a single loop like that using MIDI commands in the MM?

It would be a great feature for an external footswitch, along with the other highly requested features (silent clear all, reverse, overdub decay, ect…)


In response to the OP request, while I’m new to the Aeros, I’ve been looping in live situations for several years. In the few days I’ve spent adapting to the Aeros workflow, I’ve found the UNDO to be very useful in this fashion.

Example, I’ve laid down the rhythm, bass, and chords for Superstition, I can play the “horn” part… let it loop a couple times while I solo over that part, and then press and hold that Rec/Play/Over button and it “undoes” that extra lick.

Maybe a “play once” would be useful if you’re pre-recording your tracks (I always build mine on the fly and trash at the end of every song), but in that case, just build a separate “song part” and you can easily select and queue up the return to the first song part and it will automatically do that when it reaches the end of the bar.

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We are looking into this and may incorporate it with song planning as well, currently we are still going with designs. It is for this reason I will tag #under-consideration

Thanks for all your feedback!

Please tell me what makes most sense, that the Aeros stops after a one shot or that it transitions back to the previous part before it?

What are the must haves for a one shot part behavior?’

Let me know!