One stop shop for all (growing) functions and controls?

I just got an Aeros Loop Station last week. I love it so far! I bought it knowing it was a work still in progress (thanks to various forums). As such I am both enjoying the current functionality, and looking forward to the ongoing updates.

One thing that is very confusing for a new user is where to go for current & up to date feature lists, control commands (midi), firmware info (what changes came with the updates).

I know the info is out there somewhere. It is just tough for a newbie to find it. When I keyword search I end up with old threads. Many of which never really come to conclusions. Seems like there is probably a master page that is updated as the features become live that I am just missing.


Go to this link and scroll until you find Documents and you should find two: the Aeros Manual and the Aeros Control Guide. It appears that the manual has not been updated and is still indicating that it’s rev 16.

You can read the forum here for tips on how users use their looper, the signal path they use, common issues, suggestions, and helpful (and some not-so-helpful) comments. :dizzy_face:

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Thanks for the response @persist

I’ve seen those documents, but they are linked from a page that mentions SD card storage and being able to link to “more” than just the beat buddy Via midi. My understanding is that those features aren’t actually available yet.

You can understand the confusion this brings in trying to stay up to date with the new feature roll outs…

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