OnSong MIDI issue & solution (so easy you'll facepalm)

Here’s my setup: BeatBuddy to MIDI breakout cable to Yamaha MD-BT01. Connect MIDI via BlueTooth to OnSong on iPad Air 2. Spent hours trying to figure out why I could not connect the BlueTooth signal to OnSong. iPad showed it being connected via the Settings/BlueTooth menu, but no luck through OnSong. I kept going to the Setting Menu in OnSong and then selecting MIDI Settings. I would then go into Sources and then select the BT symbol. There was the device. Select it and absolutely nothing. Over and over again. Hours online trying to find the solution.

Here’s the solution (my solution at least)…
Go back to the song view screen on OnSong, then hit the gear icon and select Editors (not Settings!). From there, go into MIDI. That’s when I got a pop-up message informing me that I had not purchased the MIDI add-on tool. After purchasing the add-on ($4.99 I think), everything worked. MIDI is connected, everything is working (kind of, will create a separate post with another issue I’m having).

I hope this helps someone out there. It’s one of those “obvious” steps that isn’t so obvious. Why OnSong would not prompt me about the MIDI add-on from the Settings menu is beyond me.

Anyone else using the BM-A01? If so, is it working for you?

I’m using a more recent version of OnSong (on iPad Air 2) and I don’t believe it requires the ‘add-on’ (or at least it didn’t prompt me for it). Either way still can’t get my Bluetooth to work.
I have the BM-A01 (which is very similar to the Yamaha, i believe).
if i use my midi ‘cable’ from iPad to BB, that works!
But when i replace the cable with the Bluetooth midi (and ensure connections in settings) - it doesn’t work.
The MIDI setting under the Wrench icon in Editors appear to be identical to the MIDI settings under ‘settings’, as far as i can tell, lol.

I’ve been told the the BM-A01requires a firmware update after this happened to me