Onsong Start/Pause Problem


Well after all this pandemic thing I am back gigging and now I am having an issue I didn’t have before. In over a whole year I did not connect or use my BB or Onsong AT ALL.

With that being said, now I have a problem where when I am using the BB linked to my iPad Onsong, the second footswitch does not work.

While playing a beat, when I press it, instead of pausing (as I have it set) it stops the beat completely. When paused it works fine but when playing the pause does not work.

I haven’t changed any settings or connections since early 2020 when I still performed.
As soon as I disconnect the MIDI from the iPad the pedal works fine. I am using a wired connection to my iPad.

I have checked the settings and everything looks fine as per the YT videos I was able to find from onsong.

Anybody has an idea as of what should I change?

Thanks for any ideas.

Try turning MIDI out off, in the BeatBuddy settings

I had the same issue and I think that was the fix

Found the post I had in the OnSong Facebook page…

“They had a major update that changed the MIDI implantation. One thought is turn off the MIDI Settings > Sync > Playback setting in OnSong.”

The latest version of OnSong downloaded on my iPad today. Now my BeatBuddy won’t go into pause mode while using the BeatBuddy foot pedal! When pushed to pause, it STOPS the loaded song, not PAUSES it…I need a fix quickly!!! If I disconnect from OnSong, it works fine.

From the BeatBuddy Facebook group…
Ray One thought… the BB may be sending a MIDI START and MIDI STOP command when you trigger the pedal. If those MIDI events are looping back to the BB (say going out and coming back in somehow), the received MIDI STOP could be telling the BB to stop the beat. MIDI has START, STOP and CONTINUE, so the button that plays the beat would then need to send a MIDI CONTINUE event.

I would look into the BB MIDI settings and turn off receiving MIDI sync commands and see if that effects anything? OnSong wouldn’t se d those unless configured, but even having a loopback could cause the issue with or without OnSong.

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Yes! The playback option solves it! Genius :smiley:
I wonder how that will affect other things, but I guess I will have to try and see.

Thanks a lot Ray!

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