OPB BASS Export from Logic Pro Any guidance for Best working Practices ( BWP)

As I am turning into a Bass export factory from Logic Pro X to feed my hungry
Beatbuddy is there any Best Working Practices (BWP) to use as a template.

Logic Pro X
1 Use the Arrangement in GLOBAL tracks to map out song sections, often 8 bar blocks:

Intro, Verse, Lift, Pre Chorus, Chorus, Bridge, Instrl, Outro

  1. Create a a new Drummer track

  2. Select a style of drummer e.g. Darcy for pop, Kyle for Rock
    Is it better to just use one drummer for BWP ?

  3. Set up an 8 bar loop, then in Drum Editor use the X/Y pad to get nearest grove,
    Follow rhythm Check box, Check so drum follows Bass
    Preview styles ,

  4. Create a BASS midi track, select Play Midi keyboard to trigger Bass (select Picked)
    Then when groove is right, record Bass part.

Create a midi drum track , select Drum Kit, So Cal

  1. Then copy Drummer track intoMidi Drum track, converts to editable midi track
    remove any drum sounds with Foot on them e.g. Hi hat Foot Closed , also any open HiHats

  2. Add a Midi instrument track
    Select Patch category: BASS
    Select Patch : Picked BASS

  3. Record Bass Part

  4. Edit Bass midi in piano roll editor, select All notes, Quantise by default to 16ths

  5. Bass track push up Octave or two to keep well clear of Drums
    (Apply great tips Persist, Beat Buddy Form advises) for Export as Midi file

  6. Then select both midi Drum and Bass tracks using Apple Cmd + J to join

  7. Select this merge track (Bass has joined into Drums) and export as a midi file.
    BeatBuddy Manager

  8. Select Songs, select a set list folder

  9. Create a new spong

  10. Select a drum set: currently use Rock with Bass
    (for playing live want a balanced consistent sound so is it BWP to stick to
    One Drum set with a Bass ?

Also how can the Bass sound be balanced up so it blends with the drums ?

4 Then import the exported Midi File.
This is an excellent Forum and is a real game changer for me for songwriting and live
performance. thanking you all in advance.

:drum: :cowboy_hat_face: :guitar:

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