OPB, DOP, OPBk etc

HI all,
As a complete newcomer to the world of Singular Sound
Can someone point me to a quick guide of the terms used and an overview of using the user song files offered on here

Surely a good case for a sticky ?


Hi Sly401 and welcome to the forum!
The best (and much faster) way to get your answer around here, because so much has already been discussed, is to do a search. Click on search on the top right and put in your topic (OPB, DOP, OPBk etc) and the first result to come up will answer your question in many cases Dumb Noob Asks: What's With the acronyms; OPB, OPBk, DOP, etc? . Sometimes you’ll have to scroll down a bit to get your answer. If no answer for your particular question after a search, post away!