OPB: How to stay in tempo on a guitar intro without drums?

Hi guys,

i´m a guitarist and i have a problem.

Most of the time i use OPB Songs. I play some songs with a very long guitar intro without any drums (e.g. many of horror by Biffy Clyro, Everlong by Foo Fighters).
So i press the pedal to start the song, then after the count in i start to play…but its very hard for me to stay in tempo. Would it be possible after the songs was published as OPB to edit some hits on a very low volume during the guitar intro to help me to stay in tempo?
What is the best way to edit a count in on a OPB?

Thanks for your help.


When I make songs of that sort, I usually put a hi hat or stick count at low volume during those parts to give a “click track.” You can edit the OPB songs in a DAW, like Logic or Cubase to add those clicks, or, you could post a request with the song name and someone might help you out.

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Thanks Phil,

where can i find the insturction to export/import a song to DAW and to alter a song there?

On most BBM versions, right click on a part’s name within BBM. A menu will appear including an option for “Export midi file.” Select that, and export to a location of your choice. Open that file in a DAW.


Above are General Midi mapping locations. As you can see, closed hat are at 42, F#1, and sticks are at 37, C#1. Add notes on the beat at either of these 2 locations. Use a higher velocity on beat 1, to emphasize the downbeat.


or don’t start the beat buddy until after the guitar intro.i made a 4 beat count in that I add to op songs that don’t have one and I also use quiet rim shots to keep time if the song doesn’t have drums in the middle. this machine can do a whole lot just sometimes you have to think around it.

Recently, I suggested making a click track in headphones in future BB releases. IMHO this could have been a solution for both the intro and the bridge where the drums shouldn’t sound.