Optimal BB setup with PA

What is feed a near-field monitor in parallel.?
The issues I have with bb live , duo situation is the reverb on the bb…A lot of the tracks are heavy with it…
and …it always sounds a little bass’ee. Ive tried pretty much everything I know…could use some help on what others have learned

A near-field monitor is a smaller powered monitor mounted closer to your ears. There are some that mount directly to mic stands or you can get a short stand for a small powered monitor. By parallel I mean that the monitor doesn’t get the entire mix, it just has the drums, and that’s more important for whoever is playing the rhythm part. By being closer to your ears and also being smaller, it’s usually less bassy, plus a lot of near-field monitors have tone controls.

I strongly recommend using a subwoofer of some kind. I hooked one up last night for the first time and the BeatBuddy came alive: the bass drum sounded much more real and you could really feel it.

i use a carvin 6 channel head, one or two speakers depending and a peavey kb2. I hook up the beat buddy to the kb2 and out to head…Good full sound…still too much effects on drums for my taste

My current set up is that I have a Parker Nite-fly, which has both electric and acoustic pickups coming out a stereo guitar jack. My electric goes through a standard chain: tuner -> dyn wah (with wireless expression! wahwahwah!) -> mesa vtwin pedal for clean/distortion/lead -> into small mixing board. My acoustic chain goes through TC Helicon H1 harmony pedal (for “intelligent” key sensing) -> AC-3 acoustic simulator to enhance the piezos -> Beat Buddy -> small mixing board. My vocal mic goes into the H1 then into the small mixing board. The Beat Buddy sounds great in the acoustic chain because that chain is basically full range and always on, as I can turn off the acoustic pickups at the guitar.

From the mixing board I go out into a 15" and horn powered speaker.

As I incorporate the Beat Buddy with basslines, I can be the ultimate 1 man, 6 player band! I am vocals, backup vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums!

Just curious, Does anyone just bypass the instrument input on the BB and just run their BB and instrument signals separately? Just seems like it would allow for more flexibility with the levels and EQ’ing…


Yes. I run the BB into its own channel in the board. It gets its own EQ.

On a simpler scale than what you guys are discussing, a cheap Acoustic amp (that’s the brand name I have but any acoustic amp should be the same idea) could work well for home jamming. I haven’t used it with the beatbuddy yet but it’s how I make my looper 's drums sound good compared to running it through an electric amp which has its own sound and effects.