Optimise pc for bb manager

Wondered if anyone has any suggestions for optimising older PC’s for BB manager (without binning them and buying a new one). I have a Dual core E6750 (2.66ghz) and 4gb ram running on windows7 64. Most times I use BB mgr on my PC it grinds to a halt!

If you don’t use the song preview (in Virtual Machine), your old computer will be enough to do basic BBManager tasks like compile a BeatBuddy song and upload the project to pedal.

Old Vaio Notebook with T7500 @2.2 GHz - 2GB RAM - Win Vista 32bit here. (Sigmatel audio)

I just downloaded TEST BBManager and had to set buffering time option at 200ms.

Sometimes tempo is not so consistent when it comes to go from fills to main rhythm, but it works good enough to let me listen to what it will come out from BB.

The bigger the buffer, the less changes are “on-the-fly”.
So you should keep buffering time at the very minimum just to avoid sound distortion AND keep beats sounding correctly.

That’s the “very minimum” for my old hardware. :slight_smile: