Option to have multiple note numbers playing the same instrument

I am using grooves from Superior Drummer 3 with my BB ( I just Drag & Drop grooves directly from Superior Drummer 3 right into BBM ) and there are several note numbers in Superior Drummer 3 that have the same sound ( AKA Alias ).

The same Hi-Hat could be on note numbers 18, 19, 20 but if the BB drumset only use note number 18 and the song/groove in Superior Drummer 3 is using note number 19 or 20 you will not hear that Hi-Hat at all which is a shame.

So instead of having the same instrument sampled multiple times it would be REALLY great if we as an option could choose multiple note values to trigger the same instrument in the “Instrument details” popup.

That would also make better use of the limited 100MB drumsets.

See attached gif animation!