Outro fills

How do you remove the Outro Fills from the songs? Is there a way to use the main pedal settings, without removing Outro Fills in the BB Manager? I thought I had seen a way to do it when I first received the unit, but now I can’t find any info.

There are two ways:

  1. Delete the outros on the songs you don’t want them on via the BeatBuddy Manager software.

  2. Pause the song and hold the main pedal down to stop it. Remember though, the ‘start beat’ function has to be set to ‘release’ for this to work.

I will give that a try. Thank you! Seems like there would be a way to set up Outro Fills the same way as Intro Fills on the Main Pedal.

Not yet…

Sometimes an outro fill is just a crash cymbal. Set it up however you want, but if you really don’t want an outro, hit pause, then quit.

export the sng. …rename it as your ‘new song’ .
import it your ‘new song’ sng. setlist folder
delete the outro …keep previous ‘rck 1’ (whatever) in it’s folder.
hack away at the parts.