OUTRO Not Working Properly

I have a “blank” midi file created using the BBM editor
It contains 2 bars with a single metronome beat at velocity 1
When I use it as an INTRO, it works fine on all songs that I have it in
HOWEVER…When I include this in any song as the OUTRO & press the Main pedal to end the song, the Beat Buddy display says it’s playing the OUTRO but it just plays a few more beats from the song & then ends. If it was playing this midi, I should hear nothing
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

You might be running into what I call the “Dead Space Problem.” When you have a midi file that ends with blank space, BB takes the blank space and puts it at the beginning of the midi. Try extending your single velocity 1 note so that it fills the 2 bars. In other words, it will be an 8 count long note, if you are in 4/4. Try that and see if it fixes the problem.

Thanks Phil…I will give that a try

Thanks Phil…
you’re the man because that worked
getting this working properly makes jamming & practicing tunes better when restarting a song
I also used the kick drum this time instead of the metronome because at volume 1, you would have to be a dog to hear it