Page links internally in Beatbuddy Forum no longer work

Must have been a change in the forum software. All links previously used in beatbuddy posts to other pages in beatbuddy forum now get a Star Wars Treatment.

I too have noticed this disruption in The Force…

Noticed it also, have I…

We undergoing site maintenance. We posted the following message on our Facebook page a couple hours ago:

Hi folks! We are currently undergoing a brief maintenance period on our site and forum. In case you are looking for the following pages you may find them here:



Ha Ha, I got an email about the above reply from support. At the bottom is a link that says ‘view this thread’. One guess where it took me (hint, think droids!)
Also, I don’t follow the fb page. Liked it but do not follow so unless posted on here, some of us (well, me anyway) 'ain’t gonna hear about it ! Posting on FB about it is like the Vogons telling the people of earth (just before they destroyed it) that the plans for the bypass and resultant descruction of earth have been available on Alpha Centuri (or wherever, I can’t remember that far back!) for years.

It was Alpha whatever…

According to the survey done on the forum a few weeks ago, the first thing users do is check the forum before faceschmook. Putting the new links on the 404 page might have been more helpful. Would have also been nice to suggest that users might have to log back in and update their bookmarks. :wink:

Agreed, I don’t do FB…

The new URLs are the ones I posted above, but now should just automatically redirect. :slight_smile:

The force is stronger today :wink: … whew!

I wanted to buy Jazz Brushes - drum set but it won’t let me check out…Whats up?

the store doesn’t feel the same force yet . :frowning:


Saw this with a bit of delay. Not sure why I didn’t get the notification…maybe the same reasons. We were doing some maintenance on the platforms (forum, Library…) and some things got messed up. Everything is good now.