partial names of songs

I am trying to build songs in the manager and I find I like one or two of the ones already there. I would like to simply duplicate parts the ones I like, and replace the existing ones.
my problem is I cant tell the actual name of the songs in the small gray boxes. it seems they want to scroll but don’t, and stopped midway.
is there any way to solve this? or can I get them to scroll? I notice the song titles are complete in the intro and outro boxes.

Most likely, you will need to use a larger monitor for that :slight_smile: Or set your desktop resolution higher. I am using 1920x1200 screen resolution and I have plenty of space for song names.

The main table columns are not resizable, so you won’t be able to see the song names there. But you can see them either on top of the window, or in the Project Explorer > Songs tree.

what I’m talking about is , when you “audition” a song, and listening to fills ,if you like say the first fill, and want to make it your second fill, you cant read the file name to go get it. for instance, in the main loop column, in your example in red, the word beat is readable, but some fills and loops are not.

got it, im good thanks