Partial transfer of patterns to midi

Very frustratingly, I tried to save a couple of drum patterns to midi files for editing today, and not all the beats within the pattern seemed to transfer over when opened up in my midi editor (Cubase). I’m puzzled as to why this may have happened - the actual pattern only contained kick drum, snare and hi-hat with a crash cymbal at the end. These are mapped to GM standard
Anyone else experienced this… and what’s the fix?

It must match the mapping of our drumsets. Right click the MIDI pattern you imported and select ‘edit’. This will bring you into the MIDI editor. Make sure that the standard drumset is selected. Do you see any red text on the left side? Those are the MIDI notes that are not mapped correctly to our drumsets.

Thank you for this - although perhaps I didn’t explain myself clearly. It’s when I save a midi drum pattern FROM the BB manager to import into Cubase that some of the beats are missing. Everything is set in my software for GM so there should be no issues!

This is a known issue with the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). Export to MIDI doesn’t work quite as expected.

Email me at so we can arrange a phone support session this week, I want to see what is happening on your end. Link this forum discussion.