Pay for Tutor Online...

Spent a couple hours going through the manual and videos on Youtube and going in circles.

I loaded the default drum sets that were on my SD card into the Beatbuddy manager so they show up under Drum Sets. I downloaded a song and was able to import it…

My goal is just to create a song with the Rock or Standard drum set I imported that are showing up under my Drum Sets tab.

Also have a few questions about altering the song i make.

Happy to compensate you for your time and insights… just let me know the cost and I can review and approve / paypal you the funds for the support time.

Just 15 minutes to 30 minutes should be fine to get me over possibly some simple hurdles… Can Skype or screen share another way… . email me at gregyyr at gmail dot com if interested.


I’m sure someone could help you pro-bono Greg. I was in your shoes a few months ago and although I don’t have the skills of Stu and aash and many others, I have come a long way in my ability to create and edit. If you post some specific needs here, I can see what I can do. There are many midi editors out there but I found this one free and it works pretty good. A bit of a learning curve but I have a good handle on itnow. And it’s free and no virus or malware issues.

If you contact they will provide any assistance you need, including remote support if required.

Thanks much Jim… seems like a great support network !!!

Will do… much appreciated as I wasn’t sure the support was available and possibly remote if needed. Probably just some basic hurdles i need to get over so will contact support and go from there. Ironic i did tech support for many years so I am no novice with the computer stuff so hope to get up and running asap. If i can’t find what i learn online i will do a little video and post on youtube to pay it forward a bit…