PC and CC MIDI out

Has anything been done to change the BB to allow PC and CC data to remain in the file for outputting to external devices?

Also, is it possible for a note/PC or CC to retain an assigned MIDI channel other than 10 for recognition by external devices?

You can set the channel for Notes (out) and all other information sent on the BB. It doesn’t have to be Channel 10. I am experimenting with sending material to control my lighting system on Channel 1, for example.

Any word on the first question? (Has anything been done to change the BB to allow PC and CC data to remain in the file for outputting to external devices?).

So far, I have found no way to embed PC and CC information in the files that get pushed out by the Beat Buddy. It appears not to be within the scope (which I understand).

What are you trying to accomplish? I am now testing my Beat Buddy running my entire weekend-warrior lighting system, and I may be able to suggest a few things that might help.

My guitar pedals respond to program changes to go to pre-set sounds at points in the song, eliminating the need for more pedal dancing. Also my harmonizer responds to control messages and midi notes to change on-off/harmony parameters. Would need the midi notes to the harmonizer separated from the rest of the song (different channel number). The drum notes would totally confuse it.

The only way I can see to do all that is to add notes to your Beat Buddy MIDI files that represent control triggers, and then run a MIDI Solutions Event Processor that reads the notes and outputs the appropriate controls to the devices. I’m sure there are other ways to do what you’re talking about, but that is the most direct one I can see (believe it or not). The Beat Buddy is just not designed to do what you’re asking, so it’s a bit of a cludge.

The only other alternative that comes immediately to mind is to use another independent MIDI controller and slave everything – including the Beat Buddy – to that, making it the master. But I’d have to think about how that would work.

It seems to me it’s not so much the Beat Buddy but more the Beat Buddy Manager that is possibly the problem. The BB Manager converts everything to channel 10 and deletes anything but notes. It would be interesting to allow a program or control message or a note on a different channel to remain in the file and see if the BB is effected. If not it might be as simple as a software update. This would really expand the BB capabilities enormously.

I think you’re right, I’ve just accepted the issue and am trying to work around it. My issues, quite frankly are more around the supporting devices I am trying to drive with my BB, but I think your issue is resolvable using the same approach:

  • Set the BB MIDI to output on your control channel – let’s say Channel 1
  • Set the Event processor to listen on Channel 1
  • Add control notes to your song parts – maybe plan that Note 0 triggers your Patch 1, Note 1 triggers Patch 2, and so on.
  • Program the Event Processor to hear Note 0 on channel and send the PCs you need on the channels you need

All you’re really doing to translating the control triggers over which you have control into the PCs and CCs you need.

Full disclosure: Even that MAY have some issues, because the BB SEEMs to be sending out the notes over MIDI twice in very quick succession (which may not be a problem because most guitar controllers ignore a second command to call a patch that is already running). I am not 100% this is happening, but you should be aware of it, just in case (a) it’s an issue for your rig controller, and (b) it turns out I can confirm this behaviour.

I wish I had a simpler solution for you – can’t help thing there MUST be a simpler solution, in fact — but I am so far down the rabbit-hole with my own pursuit of automation that this is where I am.

All that said, again, you could also run a master MIDI pedal and have everything else, including the Beat Buddy slaved to that. I am optimistic that the MIDI Maestro could solve a lot of my issues, for example.

My guitar processor only responds to program changes. I’m using the BB because of the simplicity of the equipment. To add extra processing equipment defeats the purpose. If it could just retain PC messages in the file it would be a large help. Maybe down the track.