Pedal Dead Spacing at Start

My pedal dead spaces for a measure right at the start. It is quite weird. On some songs it just doesn’t play the kick for the first measure. But here’s the kicker… to make it even more strange it is only when intro setting is set to count-in. If I leave it on enable or disable it is fine, set it to count-in and it dead spaces. Any ideas? I am not on the latest firmware but the one just prior, 145 I think. I have a gig next weekend don’t want to risk possibly messing anything up with firmware update until after that. Advice appreciated. Thanks.

If it plays in the manager software then it won’t be firmware. My guess is that this is a beat you have made yourself and the bass drum isn’t placed on the 1, but the intro has one at the end, just a thought as you’ve not given details in this regards. Also I assume it has not always done this and it does not do this with the stock songs - pointing to a problem with the songs you have uploaded.

I’ve had similar issues with some of my intros and custom loops. Can you say more about what the BB is looking for when it reads these midi files?

I have very little experience with this. Early on I made a 3/4 beat and tried as best I could to create something which had the quality of the stock songs - it took a long time to create midi loops that looped perfectly without quantising. I looked at Goran’s stock beats to try and figure out how they worked.
The BB has an algorithm where it does some clever things that can also mess things up @GoranGrooves would be the best to explain. As many know one of the things you can’t do is start with an empty measure, if you do the loop will start at the first beat where the first midi note is - hence adding silent non supported notes should fool the BB. You want your kick on the one of the measure and not at the end of the loop otherwise you may hear two kicks or a flange. In general if they loop in the DAW they should be fine in the BB - but as is usual with the BB some experimentation is required, and that takes time.

Bingo, yes it plays fine in the manager software but when I sinc to the pedal it is out, and I believe it is only songs I’ve uploaded or created myself. The one song I made “Don’t stop beleiving” by Journey was one of the songs, I actually had to add an extra measure at the start so that I could get everything in sinc. So when I play it in the manager the drums are now a measure behind, but fine with the pedal. I adjusted with the beat builder to start on the very first 1/16th of the first beat and also on the 2nd 1/16th like most of the original beats start with and it made no difference. Lastnight the song I was building, “wave on wave” it just doesn’t play the very first kick drum beat, yet it plays the high hats, very strange. The first kick happens at the start of measure 2. Again tried on the first 1/16th and the 2nd 1/16th no change. I made this particular intro two identical measures with only a kick drum to start with high hats and then another kick drum at the start of the 3rd measure. Perhpas I will try make it only one measure long and play with both kick on the very first beat, if that doesnt work try adding one on the start of the 2nd measure also. Or like you say an empty measure to start with.

Asking Goren is a great idea. I PM’d him.

Here is my intro from Wave on Wave if someone wants to try it on their pedal. Kick should be on beats 1 and 3 however is 2 and 4 on the pedal.

What BBM version are you using?

1.5.0 Same Issue again on song I build lastnight

I was using the count in feature on most of my songs. This morning however I just made a four beat count it in beat builder and am now using that as my count in and instead turned the pedal intro to enable as opposed to count in. It is very odd, works better now. Of course I had to go and rework a few of my songs to get them back to they way they were supposed to be but now the play right both in the manager and the pedal. I think it is an issue with the pedal or firmware still because it makes no sense to me whatsoever why it would play fine with into enabled and not when using count in.

Yes, there’s something in the BB algorithms that’s not obvious. No answer from Goren yet.

Feedback from Goran (Thanks Goran!!):

“Yes, the BB firmware has strange behaviour with some intro fill. I think the issue is when there is no crash of beat 1 of 2nd bar (where the groove begins). If you don’t have a crash there, you can add a foot hi-hat at a low volume (if you don’t want crash) and it should do the trick. If there you are having a different kind of issues, try adding hi-hat notes at the begining of the bar, so that the intro fill is a full bar. Let me know if that does the trick.”

I did this with my intros - I put a phantom beat on the first beat of the 2nd measure - and that seem to work OK. It’s a phantom beat because the volume is ‘1’ so you can’t hear it. The Beat Builder wouldn’t let me apply a zero volume.