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Hi guys! I love Phil Floods songs! But I can’t get the beat to stop? Can anyone please give me detailed instructions on what I can do to have a start and stop? I don’t make my own so I’m pretty novice with the manager. Thanks in advance! Mike

Are you sure you mean me, or just Phil? My songs usually have the main loop as the intro. They will play through to the “main loop” section, and then loop, playing nothing, until you double tap to end them.

The other Phil puts his song body in the outro section. For those, you need to tap once to get it started looping the empty main loop, and then double tap to play the real song. It will end by itself.

FYI, the reason I make mine this way is to have a true “one tap” to just play the song. If I put the song in the “main loop” section, it would loop back to the beginning of the song after it goes through the loop, and just play over and over, until you double tap. Also, by putting the song in the intro, the virtual metronome lines up. If it is in the outro, it will be out of sync, unless you hit the double tap right on the downbeat.


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I thought is was you? Lol I’m sorry if I’m wrong but I use the midi maestro with the beat buddy and I have to press stop for the beats to start but it doesn’t stop with any buttons? No matter how many times I press them? Sometimes I like to end the song sooner than the actual song beat

Ok, now i think i might understand. Since the one press songs are set up as one long song part, they behave differently than a regular segmented BB song. A part placed in the “intro” section plays all the way though once activated. The “outro” section works the same way. If you copy and paste, or move the song part to the main loop section, it will respond to a double tap or triple tap stop command. When I create songs for users who want the song in the main loop section, I add dead space and then a single short not to the end of the song, so that the user has time to hit the double tap before the song loop begins again. You can edit the parts in a DAW to get this effect, or, tell me what songs you neec this done to, and as i get time, i could prepare some for you to try.

I love all of them lol I’ll find one that you can walk me through then I’ll just do it for all of them. That would be great thanks! I’ll get back with you when I’m able

Hi again Phil! I tried all your songs under newly added and alphabetical and they all do that? If you want to use Let My Love Open The Door is fine to explain how I can do that it would be great! Please remember I’m a novice so more details the better lol thanks bud! Mike

Ok I’ll watch and see if I can get it to work. I really appreciate you doing that for me Phil! Thanks again!


I haven’t been on the forum for a while. Would you be kind enough to point me to where I can get your songs?
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Thanks Persist. Highly appreciated.

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