Play Modes

A nice feature would be to have the facility to play the songs in 1 of 3 different modes:

  1. Play as programmed
    This would simply play the song in sequence as it was programmed. ie, starts with intro, then plays the main riff, followed by the fills in order, then the transition, then straight to the next section and so on. This would require only one click of the pedal and the song would be played exactly as programmed without the need for further pedal clicks. Rather like a traditional drum machine.

  2. As is
    The BeatBuddy plays as it does now with the usual pedal clicks.

  3. Section play
    This would enable the playing of whole sections with a single click. For example, if a song were made up of 3 parts, each with a main beat, fills and a transition, then a single click would play the main beat of the first section, then a fill, then replay the main beat, etc until a single click invoked the transition and the song moved to the next section. This method of play would remove the need for numerous pedal clicks but would still allow for free styling until the pedal click moved the song to the next section. This method could have an alternative by having a setting which told the BeatBuddy how many parts to play in the section before moving to the transition and therefore to the next section.

Hope that’s clear!!