Playback of mp3 files

Would it be possible to add the ability to playback mp3 files.

To be clear. I would like to be able to use the beatbuddy as a foot controlled mp3 player. (not mp3’s in a midi)
Currently I have a digitech jamman that I have a bunch whole song backing tracks that are wav files.
And I am able to control everything with my foot. Would be great If I would use the beadbuddy for drum beats and wav or mp3 backing tracks.

No, the BeatBuddy cannot play back audio files like a looper.

I thought aash had done this one already…

As far as I know, the BB can only play WAV files. These are lossless and tend to be very big compared to MP3. A drum set it just a set of WAV files representing all of the drums in the kit at different volumes. In theory, you could convert your MP3 into a WAV file, create a new drum set that has only one drum sound at one volume which consists of that one WAV file. Then, you could create a song with one part in one section that triggers that one WAV file.

The problem is that each drum kit is limited to 100 Meg. A WAV file of a complete song at a decent sampling rate and resolution can very quickly exceed that limit.