Playing but no audio in random parts

So I was at a church service with my guitar and beat buddy.
Tap the pedal to play the first song. It was going good for maybe 15 seconds, then suddenly I don’t hear drums for 1 measure/bar, then it comes back again for 1 measure, then no sound again, but I see the tempo bar thing is running across the screen so I know it’s not stopped. The audio was cutting on and off so I just killed the volume for the entire first song. After the first song ended, I powered down the pedal and connected it back. And after that, no issues at all! First time that this happened.

Any ideas?

I would say it’s where the lead is plugged into the jack. Thats where I have had some drama’s give it a tap and it’s ok. Not sure if its been the lead or the beatbuddy jack.

My two thoughts are unsupported midi notes, or maybe the songs have different kits and they were loading…does sound strange though.

I have had loads of problems with the jacks in the Beat Buddy. They have a very loose contact setup. I have seen these jacks before in different types of pedals with the same problem. I put a little bit of oil on the plugs and wipe the excess off which helps a little. I looked at the construction of the jacks and they cannot be fixed without unsoldering them from the circuit board so that’s out. I was looking to replace them with good old “Switchcraft” jacks but there is no room to even think about that. After I mounted the Beat Buddy to my pedalboard, most of the loose problems stopped because it’s not moving around anymore. You might think about mounting it on something stable to keep it from moving. That might help. I’m not saying that this might be the only thing, but it’s what I have had problems with.
Hope this helps a little bit.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.