please please me

Can somebody from beatbuddy please improve the midi editor functions in beatbuddy manager so that …

  1. you can save beats you create as loops
  2. you can edit imported beats from beatbuddy to create your own versions of existing beastbuddy beats. I need to be able to delete parts of imported main loops that I don’t want in the editor
  3. same problem as before when you could only import 500 counts from an external midi software program into new songs. It seems that when creating a beat in the midi editor there is also a beat count limitation. Being able to create a loop from a 2 bar beat would sole this problem without having to put endless time consuming single instruments into the editor
  4. As above trying to create a beat using midi editor is too slow as there is no copy, paste or create a loop function

Thankyou for your assistance

Improving the BBManager’s MIDI editor is definitely on our list of tasks we are working on for the next version of the BBManager. We may redo the whole editor from the ground up, as it has a lot to be desired when it comes to functionality. In the mean time we’d recommend using it only for simple tasks, such as adding/removing/editing a few notes in a track or creating simple patterns composed of a few bars.

Regarding questions 1 and 2, the MIDI editor is capable of both things. We do not have an official tutorial for the MIDI editor yet, but I’ll be more than happy to assist you personally if you are in need of assistance with using it.

Regarding questions 3 and 4, I would say it would be better to use a 3rd party MIDI editor for now. One popular one used by a lot of forum members here is Reaper’s, although any editor should work. As mentioned, the BBManager’s MIDI editor is not currently convenient to use for large tasks and we are working on making it much better than its current state. We will of course keep everyone updated as updates to the BBManager and its editor come along. :slight_smile: