Pointer to basic steps to get the content (song and kit) and set up in BeatBuddy for OP and OPB

Solamente uno de los cabo midi sync pedal beatbudd singular sound, y uno de la cosa Midi Bluetooth Yamaha BT-01. Las dos enchufes de la Yamaha, se pone el las dos receptaculos de the Singular cable. Y entonces hay uno enchufe de mini midi DIN en esto que va en el BB.

English translation: Only one of the BB Midi cable, and one Yamaha Bluetooth thing. The two plugs on the Yamaha go into the receptacles on the Singular cable, and then there is one mini midi DIN connector that goes into the BB.

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Como esto:

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I meant that i need to buy 2 cables

I never think of the BT-01 as a cable. To me that’s a piece of gear that gets connected to the Singular midi cable. I see that as 1 cable and 1 Bluetooth midi transmitter. But it’s all good. We got it sorted out.

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Phil, thanks for the tips. Seeing the song the outro was causing distress like I did something wrong. Same as having the songs in the fill, looks like “Slide” was created to have the full song start in the fill slot. That would get tough to remember which ones start with which keystrokes. Is there a way you can tell when using the bb buddy or is there a tool that helps navigate this from an iPad?

If you use OnSong to pull up songs, you can add playing notes in your lyrics sheet that lets you know anything unique about the song. There’s not any iPad helper app for the BB, per se, but they are several songbook apps that all are capable of pulling up a lyrics sheet while sending a midi signal from the which can then be received by the BB. There are other guys who use the bluetooth midi in much more creative ways than I do. I just have my simple process for calling up a song.

i live in brazil and here there is not this bluetooth cable for sale. I’ll have to import but I’m already providing.

trying to export the .sng file onto my BB. Here is a screen shot of my BB manager. Does this look correct, what do I do to get it on my BB?

You might find Part 3 in the Quick Start Guide to be helpful.

That looks correct. Now you have to get it onto the SD card. If your SD card is mounted in your computer’s OS, use File>Export Project to SD card. The process may take several minutes. Also, I see that this is a song with the main song body in the outro. That means to play it, you will tap once to get the song ready to be played, and then double tap to play the song straight through.

thanks! I was able to get The Waiting imported to the SD and it shows up in the Gig List folder on the BB manager and also when I plug SD in, I can see The Waiting V1 and V2 on the BB pedal. So this is progress. However, neither version of the song will play on the BB pedal. I have tried a single tap then double, no audio. Other songs form the Gig List play just fine (I get audio) using headphones any advice? Does this have to do with Mon or Stereo? I haven’t tried playing The Waiting on a PA or anything… (attached screen shot)

Also, somehow, Dont Let me Down disappeared from BB manager. when I try to import Don’t Let Me Down again File>import>song , it imports another version of Gravity - John Mayer and renames it to Gravity - John Mayer (1). Not sure why this is happening.

fyi; I bought this pedal used, I have not modified the SD at all other than updating firmware and adding The Waiting. This is a 4GB Netac card.

Also, when you click “save project” should you see a progress bar or something indicating its saving? I see nothing other than a instantaneous screen shift.

I’ve probably exhausted what I can do without my BB and my computer. I am traveling in Mexico through Thursday. I’ll take a deeper look on Friday if you have not resolved it by then. Be sure to have the recommended drum kits for the songs, and make sure they are active in BBM by clicking the box in front of their names.

Took a look at the pdf. I really appreciate the help, I know Phil_Flood is traveling and he is always a big help (obviously). Just seeing if you have any insight maybe offer more of your expertise. I’m able to import .sng files and dumsets. I can save to the SD card. The song shows up on my BB pedal and I can start the song with single click, and end with outro loop. But I get no audio. All other loops get audio, only ones I have saved to SD card do not. One thing to note, when I save project to SD card while on my PC nothing happens, is there supposed to be a progress bar or something indicating its actually saving audio? THANKS!

Thanks for posting the screenshot. A picture usually tells a good story and I think I see the problem.

Your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) does not have the drum sets associated with the song. How can you tell? There is an asterisk (star) in front of the Default Kit’s name. You have another beat/song with no drum set active—see where it says “None”? Take a look at the edited screen shot and to where the arrows are pointing to:

How to resolve? If you have not done so yet, you need to search the forum for the kits the songs call for; download, unzip, use the BBM File - Import - Drumset; click on the Drum Sets tab in the BBM Explorer pane and scroll to the bottom of the list and check the empty check boxes.

If you have not bought the Vintage Ludwig drum set from Singular Sound, you will need to do so in order to acquire the Vintage Ludwig with Bass drum set (you’ll have to search and possibly ask the originator of the kit). An alternative might be to use the SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31 kit. You can find that and the other SUB- kits by searching for Substitute on the forum.

Since you bought the pedal used, there’s no telling what the settings are and if you have not done so yet, you might want to reset the pedal to factory settings by pressing Drumset and Tempo knobs together and scrolling to Restore Default Settings. If you’re using a remote foot switch, you’ll have to adjust those settings as well as others.

Hopefully “saved to SD card” means that you’ve used the BBM Export - Project to SD card and not the Windows File Explorer to put your files onto your SD card. If you’ve been using that method, you’ll probably need to delete all of the contents on your SD card and then use the BBM to get your project onto your pedal.

  • place your SD card in your computer SD slot reader
  • select all contents on your card and then delete; empty the Recycle Bin or Trash; DO NOT ERASE OR REFORMAT your SD card
  • use the BBM Export - Project to SD card and you should see a progress bar displayed; when done, accept the prompts to synchronize project to SD card
  • when done, remove the card and with the power off on your BeatBuddy (BB) pedal insert the card
  • Power on to the pedal and try some of the songs—there should be audio now.

If you’re still having problems, you can either wait for Phil_Flood or contact me via PM for additional help.