"POP-UP's" when adding Drum sets or Beats to CART ??

im logged into my account on beat buddy

just ordering some Drum Sets And Beats

“when i ADD TO CART” im getting pop-ups (shitty ones to be honest)

any one else getting these ??



i have only the beatbuddy tab open at first…



when i play a sample drum beat or sample beat
when i click on more info
when i add to cart

computer scanned with KASPERSKY internet security

nothing found

decided to wipe the computer
must be a virus (not nice)
just time consuming


It’s probably just adware, which doesn’t always mean it’s a virus. It has nothing to do with us though. It’s likely something either on your computer or browser. Here is a good adblock plugin that I use: Ublock Origin

You may have to disable it on certain sites though to access all the features of that site.