Possible to classify songs in folders?


I have too many songs now… Possible to classify songs in folders?



Hey there, we are looking into this idea, though it is not set to be developed yet, thank you!

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This is in progress!

It will be available in the release after 4.3.x, 4.3.1 is available as beta now!

Thank you for the feedback!

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This one of the main reasons that I returned the Areos a year ago but now thinking about coming back. I am a current user of the Beat Buddy and really want to be able to do live performances with the Two. Having a set play list is critical.


It’s a bit of a work around waiting for the song to load. Got to be creative doing a non-looper song while loading the next looper song.

You can now save all songs in folders when using beta version 5.0.0

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5.0.3 is out on wifi :slight_smile:

Tagging as #implemented

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