Posting my settings

I’ve only been using this a week but here’s how I’ve decided to configure my setup:

  1. Did the Norbert hack to have a remote primary footswitch that lets me keep the main pedal up where I can reach the controls without bending over. (I like to solder so I didn’t bother with modding the connectors.)
  2. Enabled the muted pause
  3. Use the visual metronome ‘stopped and playing’ (comes with the beta firmware v1.74)
  4. Have the dual momentary footswitch set up so that during playing, the left switch does the muted pause and the right switch does the Outro fill. We use a drum pause sometimes during songs so this is a great feature to have.
  5. Have the momentary footswitch set up so that while stopped, the left switch moves back through the song list and the right switch moves forward through the song list. Our set lists are small and we usually know them 4-5 days beforehand so I will be able to set up my folder/set list beforehand then, when playing, use the pedal to move between songs when stopped.
  6. Intro set to ‘Count in’ (the canned intros can be a little busy but I don’t find them as bad as some)
  7. Default Tempo and Drumset enabled (I’ll set those up when I build my folder/set list)
  8. Main Pedal Unpause - Tap is fill, Hold is stop song, Cue fill period 100%
  9. Start beat - release
  10. The rest are factory settings

Man, this thing is great - it has really upped my practice sessions and will do great when our drummer doesn’t show. Thanks to Singular Sound for an excellent product!

I can’t wait to get an update to the BB Manager so I can load whole songs into the BB when I can find them.

I plugged the BB into our PA system, the BB sounds killer with a full subwoofer. Terrific in-your-chest presence with just the right balance of mids and highs.