Powered speaker for BeatBuddy

I agree, but a device that is powerful, compact, full range and stereo would be great.

We used a single Peavey KB300 for our electronic drums for a while. They sounded great even in mono. Eventually, we did a full stereo hookup through the PA but it wasn’t a huge improvement over the KB300 when just playing drums. If I put on a recorded track on the drum kit, the stereo really came through.

I’ve got lots of ideas/comments, but knowing that there are a lot of guitarist on this forum, some of these ideas will not be popular. Apologies in advance.

Unless fancy surreal sound is part of your gig…ie you are a DJ who has little musical content and is relying upon fancy sound effects to entertain the LSD/eckie crowd… or you are a guitarists with a stereo rig where chorus and multi tap stereo delay are a large part of your sound, go for a simplistic stereo spread. (ducking for cover now)

If I’m looking at a cranking pub rock guitarist on stage (sans delay or chorus), no mater how many marshal/fender/vox amps his stack contains, the sound coming to me in the audience is predominately mono.
It might be panned one one or the other depending on where I’m standing, or which way my head is turned, or which side of stage he is on, but it is not hugely stereo.

Same for the drums.

If you are 1 foot away from the kick drum the drums occupy a very wide stereo image whilst the drummer does a round the kit fill, but the further away you move the narrower this image becomes.

With this in mind, ask yourself how important stereo spread is at a live gig where only a small portion of the audience are going to be in the stereo sweet spot anyway.

For my tastes, mono in mono out is fine…or mono in, panned slightly to reflect stage position is also fine.
Wide stereo…I’ll save that for my solo album.


PS I’m assuming we are talking about modest sized gigs/rooms/PA’s.
You’d look pretty silly, cheap and lousy doing a stadium gig with a BB as you drummer.

I still prefer stereo :wink:
Just kidding, thanks for your thougts.

When at home I practice through a pair of krks vxt 8s with a jbl subwoofer get a great sound for practicing, running the beat buddy midi sync to the voice live 3,guitar split to the vl3 and pedalboard to tube amp get a really good mix with the beat buddy in stereo and your vocal efx and guitar time based efx in sync to the bbuddy lots of fun to be had wish my live pa set up sounded as good, but im working on it.

I’m trying to connect to a Blackstar Fly 3 for practicing but I’m getting a buzz when I connect the BeatBuddy to the AUX. I’ve tried both the BeatBuddy line out and headphone out.

Guitar alone to guitar input on amp, both clean and overdrive, perfect
BeatBuddy alone to aux input on amp, perfect
Guitar as above and BeatBuddy as above I a get a buzz, slight on clean but unusable on overdrive

BeatBuddy is on included UK adapter. Fly 3 is on battery power. If I touch the BeatBuddy casing the buzz reduces but doesn’t go away.

Has anybody used the BB through 4 BOSE 802’S. 2 each side?

I don’t know why it wouldn’t sound good…
I’ve been using my Bose L1 system for a few years now and absolutely love it. If I/we play a larger room, we just add a feed from the Bose to one or two JBL’s. The setup is simple, sweet, consistent and easy to set up.
Because the extra speakers are basically supplementing the Bose, the system can fill up a room without cutting people’s ears off that are near any of the speakers. I’ve had many complements from club owners when using this system,
for this reason.

Stereo separation is a VERY over-rated concern when it comes to live sound. Do you really want people on the left side of the room not hearing what it on the right channel?

For a mere Four Grand, you can get this:


or a more down to earth option:


I don’t worry about hauling gear, since I have to do that anyway. I use an Ampeg BA115 for the bass+extra instrument side of my pedal, a Roland KC-350 for the drum side, and one of those Bose towers for my guitar and vocals. But, if I had to go with one thing, it would be the KC-350. It has enough inputs to be its own mixer and the sound is real good, plenty loud.

I really like the clarity of the L-1. I use that for my karaoke rig. I only question the bass performance for use in a live sound rig. I have two of the bass modules, but I find it weak on bass. I use to have a pair of Mackie SRM’s to supplement it, like you do with the JBL’s but I found for a normal size karaoke gig, I didn’t need those. The best part is not needing a monitor with the L-1.

In your karaoke situation, you have pre-recorded music and the bass is more important. For my solo act, and my three-piece it’s perfect. It’s rare that I use my subs anymore. Could it use more bass?..Maybe, but I don’t think it’s that necessary.
Using the Bose system as a monitor is absolutely great. The whole band hears what’s going on. You are hearing what the audience hears, and this eliminates any separation from your audience. I find whenever I have to use a wedge monitor anymore, I feel very separated from the audience.

I have been using a Simmons DA200S amp. It is designed for a drummer monitor. It sounds fantastic!

I am a BeatNuddy noob, but I am using two Kustom PA PA50 Personal PA System Powered Speakers by Simmons to jam with a friend and they work great at $100 each. I also looked at the DA200S Electronic Drum Set Monitor and would like to have that some day.

At home I have an inexpensive small pair of powered monitors EDIROL MA-15D
I have my digital piano (Stereo) going into the BB, the BB (stereo) to an M-AUDIO NRV-10 desk/audio interface
The NRV-10 is hooked up to the monitors

I can switch on the desk, monitors and play jus like that, or also have my PC on for recording where I use Reaper as my DAW

I know I could rig the BB and the piano up on different channels, but decided that I could work with it like this as it meant fewer cables trailing round the room.

When out and about I have a Behringer K3000FX keyboard amp which has multiple input channels (stereo or mono) which sits on stage with me. The BB is hooked up to its own channel so its easy to turnaround and mix the level with the piano. The amp also has stereo output being fed to mixing desk and PA when required

Are you still using the Simmons da200s and still happy with it? I’m a newbie and interested in one of these myself. Currently using a Crate 50W keyboard amp. It sounds pretty good just not enough low end and lacking the power I would like. I can’t find much advise regarding electronic drum amps.Any advise from anyone would be great.

i’m a newbie

Yes, we are still using this. It is great! It has a built in sub that provides all the thump one should need. A tweeter for the high end. I think it is perfect for the BB.

I run my Beatbuddy through a pair self-powered KRK speakers. I have the Rockit-4 with the subwoofer. Beatbuddy goes into a small mixer, and then out to the Rockits. Sounds great, and stereo. Note I don’t perform out; rather just in my music area. Depending on what you are willing to spend, you could skip the subwoofer and go with the larger Rockits. Used market might offer some savings.

Thanks so much for the help.

Dumb question, does the sub connect to the Rockit via the RCA jacks? I’m new to this so patience please!
Thanks Again Tim