Premium Content not showing on pedal

New to the BeatBuddy. I have just purchase the entire 2019 catelogue and am very frustrated that I am unable to get it to show on my pedal or the BB Manager. When you download there are no instructions on how to get it to show and I can see people have had issues with this before.

I have tried a couple of solutions:

  • Adding to the SD Card as a standalone folder (Premium Content 2019)
  • Moving to Songs folder

None of this seems to work.

I have saved the project within and re-sync the card to no avail.

Any assistance appreciated.

Here is the layout of my SD Card

Self resolved - all hail You Tube!

Nice one. Can you post a link to the video that helped you please, in case someone else had the same issue?

Sure the link I used was the following:

Enjoy your beat buddy people