Premium content (PC) sequencing

Hi out there in BB land
I hope this doesn’t sound stupid but as a newer user I was hoping (like a rube) that the PC files would simply play through the song sequence without having to hover nervously & anally over the pedal to perfectly 'transition" between multiple sections.
This makes the performance of a song for a soloist extremely messy & risky because if you don’t action the ‘transition’ perfectly, the bloody song is thrown out of whack & the whole thing is a waste of time & makes you the performer look like an amateurish idiot!
Most soloists will have at least 2 other digital effect units (usually guitar ME & vocal harmoniser) to work with so the addition of 3 more buttons is essentially an unworkable imposition on top of that.
Is it possible to transfer all of the ‘transition’ parts into one big section within the song file, so that it plays the whole song body in sequence (minus intro & outro) without the added difficulty of “transitioning”.

If I’m not mistaken I believe the next update for the beatbuddy will have something like that, Autopilot or something like that description. Until then there are versions of those songs your describing that are “one push” meaning just hit the start on the pedal and it will play through just like the original song. Hope this helps.

Currently, you can place the whole song in one MIDI file so it plays from start to finish automatically. A lot of user generated songs on the forum are like that, they are called “OPB songs” (one press beats). We are developing an autopilot feature though, which should be ready in the coming months. :slight_smile: