Premium Library content how to set Drum Sets?

I bought the Premium Library Complete Collection 2021. Don’t ask me how but I managed to get the Premium Library complete collection 2021 in the BB Manager. I thought I was done that all the songs and drum sets were installed.
But now I get a strange thing by Drum Sets…
On the tab Drums Sets I see the drum names like:
Vintage Ludwig/Studio Legend and so fort. When I click on it I get the message: Project drum sets must be copied to workspace before editing is allowed. Continue No/Yes.
I click Yes. Then I get the message: There are unsaved modification in the current drumset. Do You want to save you changes? Options: Don’t Save or Cancel or Save?
Why do I get this message because I did not change anything? What option should I click?
Because the right screen shows the Drumset maker?
BB Manager version 1.64

It’s a known feature/issue/bug. :upside_down_face: Just click Save and you’ll be good.

Ok. Thank you so much!