Preset "Rock" not able to chose

I got my New BB and after start a Rock preset it works .Than I start the Rock Preset No.2 the screen stays white and nothing happens. As I was going back to the menu now the Rock Presets are no longer available. Remove sd card or disconnect Power brings no help . So what can I do now?

Are any other beats from other genre folders still available e.g., Blues?

Have you installed the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) yet?

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No its only the Rock Genre not available. And I bought the BB today- and I can the BBM install earliest tomorrow because my Laptop is in my rehearsal Room. I think I download the sd card stanardcontent and make a new one . Same procedure if you lost the sd card. I hope I can handle it. I am not the best with such Things.

Let us know if you need more help.

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Thanx - I will do.What do you think happen, the Genre is not selectable?
A damage to the sd card? ( no damage recognizable)

Since the Rock beat worked for you before and now it doesn’t, I would be reaching in the dark if I were to guess about what could have happened.

Your plan to download the backup SD card from Download SD Card backup v2.1 should work.

Before you replace the contents of the SD card, you might consider resetting all your pedal settings to the factory shipped settings. Make sure your SD card is not locked.

If you still have problems after replacing the SD card contents with the backup, you might want to download, unzip and install the firmware again. Do not disconnect the power or interrupt the firmware update.

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Ok thanx again. I will try your suggestion.

I got it.Copy the content new on SD-Card and now all is working.

Glad you got it working