press-release on external footswitch

i dont know if there is an option to set an external footswitch at the event of PRESS, in stead of RELEASE.
a boss fs6U
i’ve seen that the main pedal has this feature, but i dont see that for the footswitch

i think i’ve seen in the demos, that the beatbuddy external FS works pressing, and not releasing, is that correct?
doing an accent with release setting in the right moment is really difficult, and more if you are playing

You can manually set the footswitch type in the settings: Footswitch > Footswitch Configuration > Footswitch Type > Latching/Momentary.

The original demos were all using latching footswitches, we switched to momentary some months ago. Regardless of the footswitch type, the accent hits should play right when you hit the footswitch buttons. With your current footswitch (Boss FS-6), do you see a difference in the timing of the accent hits between the different configurations?

hello there
thanks for your reply
when i was going to check that, i reconnected the footswitch
as i noticed rare behavior, i run the autodetect again
and then started to go fine, with accents with the ‘press’ event
i will keep on watching its behavior, just in case