Previewing and swapping out fills?

Hi folks,

I have had my BB for less than 48 hours so still quite a newbie with this.

As has been noted by others, some of the fills are a little over the top for what I would like for live performances. When I’m on the BB manager program is there some way to “preview” the different types of fills available in that song style? And then, how do you swap them out?

On the software interface I click on the fill to change it and it pulls up an empty folder? Are those files supposed to be on my SD card somewhere or stored on my PC? I would love to be able to scroll through a list of all fills to find ones I like for a particular song style.

Any help much appreciated.


Hi and welcome, Andy. First things first. Now’s as good a time as any to read the user manual (if you haven’t done so yet) and to properly set up your BeatBuddy Manager and bbworkspace. Assuming you’ve done that, all your default content should be available to you in your BBM. If all your default songs and drum sets are not available, make sure you’ve set your workspace in the BBM. Once you’ve done so, you can preview the fills in each song by clicking on the little play button in each song’s section. You can also use your copy and paste functions replace one section with another.