Previewing premium content?

I happy the premium content library is up and running. But I’m a little disappointed that I can’t tell more about what I’m paying for with regard to the songs—is there a list of songs? How many am I purchasing? If not sound samples for each, how about at least a description?

Hello Adamixoye,
There is a sound sample for each item, simply move the cursor over the item to bring up the souncloud player.

There is one sound sample for each category—I’m looking for a better description of number of songs, exact description of what is in the “Beat Elements” package, etc.

I agree. More info should be given. Bought a couple of them without knowing what to expect. The Beat Elements is disappointing. No fills nor transitions.

I don’t believe there is a preview option on the premium content. I don’t even have any of it. Generally, buying digital stuff is not my thing.

I think a complete bulleted list would be the minimum requirement here. For example, right now one page says: “We created a number of simple time-keeping loops on single drum components (such as a solo hi-hat or a ride), as well as combinations of couple of drum kit elements (eg. kick and hi-hat).” That’s the only description for the Beat Elements, along with the one singular sound clip. Is everything represented in the sound clip? It’s hard to tell. Certainly I would hope there is more than the three things listed in that sentence.

Yeah, thank goodness Psalm 40 had some of them. I would have bought some hoping that there would be something in 3/4 time signature, but found out there was nothing. Some Day:eek: