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Hi guys, In listening to some of the stuff in the premium content library, it seems like some songs have been created with parts A B and C. And, of course, we’re free to create our own more elaborate songs with several parts. But, though the long press on the main pedal lets you move foreward through the song, there’s no way to go back through the song parts. For example, if you have a verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge song structure, if you wanted a different energy for your bridge, then you’d have to create 5 song parts and just step forward through the song. But, if you had a back and forward control, then it would be possible to play part A, then B for chorus, go back to A for another verse, then B for chorus, then C for the bridge.

So, I’d suggest some way, maybe a long press on an outboard button to go back a part or something?


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Rusty… I agree…I just went through a reorganization of some tunes. A “back” feature would be great.

Yes, I would also like a back feature, but I would prever Midi controll, with ability to select parts direct… (no limit of any sequential arrangements), but even it was mentioned that Midi controll will come most likely sometime…, I have to wait and see how it will work then…

But there are other possibilities you can do with three song parts:

  • You can use fills as song parts (you have to make them as long as needed, cause it won`t be looped), so you would have Song Part A and B and within both Parts Fill is Part C. So you can always decide which Part to use, without limiting in sequential arrangements…

  • You can even use Transission as Part D then (when needed…), but you would have to hold the pedal as long as needed then, the Tansission Part will be looped as long as you hold the Pedal. The only limit that way will be, youll have to use Transission (Part D) allways when changing between Part A and B. But with some practice and depending on the beats you use and Queue Settings, this wont be noticed.

Hope this suggestions will help a little;)

Good tip! I am going to use this for some songs that have a short change that consistently repeats

I vote for a “back” or previous part option as well, because when I have a song that has 7 or 8 parts (ie: intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, outro) it would be helpful to be able to go backwards one part when I mess up live instead of the trainwreck that is scrolling through the whole song again.

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I’m still learning and practicing the footwork on my BB, but I already know the train wreck you talk about. :confused:
Lucky mine have all been in the privacy of my own home.
I too would welcome a scroll back function.


Time to revive this topic: We need a Previous Part MIDI control. Maybe either a CC101 (since CC102 is Next Part), or split CC102 into “0-63 = Previous” and “64-127 = Next.” Especially now that we have a native Singular Sound MIDI pedal on the way (or on my kitchen table, as the case may be).

Whaddya think, @DavidPackouz? Is there a Previous Part command in our future? Is it there now? And, while I’m thinking about it, are there other CC commands that are not documented? I’ve got an itchy programming trigger finger happening here!


Hey @Phil_Flood, have you – or anyone else – tried sending all of the CC commands to see if the BB responds?

I see a very busy Festivus season coming!

From what I gather, I need the app to program the pedal. The Maestro comes with a pre-programmed BB mode with 6 buttons assigns to:

Scroll Up
Enter/Exit Folder
Accent Hits>
Scroll Down
Tap Temp

The Accent hits has a drop down which then has triggers for:
Hi-Hat Closed

(which I guess means it sends a midi command to the GM position for those instruments)

Under Start, you have what you want

Stop, which return to the Start menu
Previous Part
Next Part
Accent hit
Select Part (with another drop down)
Tempo (with a drop down)

The Select Part drop down has parts 1 through 5 (not real sure what these mean)
Tempo has Double Time, Tempo Up 1 BPM, Tap Tempo, Half Time and Tempo down 1 BPM.

The Aeros mode has:

Save Song
2x2 Commands >
New 2x2 Song
Song Lists>
6x6 Commands>
New 6x6 Song

The Custom mode directs the user to use the App to customize the pedal.

But, all in all, it looks good to me. i have not yet given it a real road test.

The Maestro is a bit more than DOUBLE the size of the MC6, but it has 6 display windows, so you have a full description of each button in each mode. I don’t know if you can have multiple custom modes, which would, if available, roughly compare to the MC6’s banks. As it stands, you have what amount to 2 banks Aeros and BB, but within each of those banks one or more of the buttons have access to deeper banks.

And, the expression pedal input is pre-programmed for tempo, which is good for me, because I am apparently too dense to figure out how to get the MC6 to do that.

@Phil_Flood, mine came in yesterday, but I have not had time to explore. I won’t bother you further on this until I do.

Well, except for this: What do you mean by “drop-down”?

If this is the case, then songs could be programmed into Chorus, Verse, Bridge. It would be a nice thing to have for me rather than the One Press.

That, I believe you CAN do: You can use CC113 (Transition) to specify which part to jump to, according to the MIDI Manual:

Enable​ : The BeatBuddy will triggers a transition when a custom transition message is received. You can select which part to go after the transition by setting the value of the command to the index of the part you want to jump. The transition will continue playing in a loop until the value is changed to 0.

  • Value 1 → Part 1
  • Value 2 → Part 2
  • Value 3 → Part 3
  • Value 127 → Next Part
  • Value 0 → BeatBuddy ends transition and goes to the selected song part as specified in the original value, as specified above.

Drop down - there are button labeled with a command and then a “>” symbol. When you press one of these, you get taken to a full additional set of labeled buttons. Do it functions like a drop down menu on a computer.

In BB mode, when you press start, you then get a new set of labels, with next part, previous part, etc.

Thanks, Phil! Really looking forward to getting into the Maestro!

Agreed - I’m in the second shipment and am eager to get started.

So, this bothers me:

I would have thought that it be best to set it up so one channel transmitted to the BB, and the other to the Aeros. That would seem to make it more useful when both pieces of gear are downstream from the Maestro.

Agreed. Was there an answer?

EDIT: Unless the BB is driving the Aeros, in which case, it wouldn’t matter, because the BB would be in MIDI-IN mode. And vice-versa, of course.

Yes. The link goes to the answer, but it’s “Channel 1 for both.”

The problem I see is that if you have it set up Maestro>BB> Aeros, and you want to call up an Aeros command, that command set is still sending on the BB message receive channel. So if the the midi value sent triggers something you don’t want in the BB, that’s not good.

Absolutely. The BB will let you set it’s incoming channel, so the programming app should give you back the control. Does the Aeros have a selectable MIDI channel, @Phil_Flood?

I think once we have the programming app, this will all work out. I seem to recall that the Aeros set up had a place to select midi channel, but since midi was not fully implemented, I’m not sure.