Problem Loading Wave Sources

Something resembling quantum mechanics loading wave sources: wave sources created before a certain date will load, wave sources of exact same spec after a certain time will not. Thoughts?

I have had this problem loading wav files I created in Logic Pro X. It seems if there is meta data present, Beat Buddy Manager does not like the files. I use a program called Switch, from NCH software to clean the wav files. Basically, I load the wavs, and then tell it to save as wav, and it somehow cleans the files up and makes them work.

Another user used a utility, Tag Stripper, to clean up his wav files. YMMV.

Thanks BB hivemind. I’ll try both of those. It seems, as I hadn’t had this problem before that BB Manager changed or Logic and Garageband changed something. Perhaps it would be best for everyone that BB make changes to BB manager to accommodate this issue.

Update: Used Tag Stripper - That worked! Thanks again for the feedback and helping to solve a frustrating problem.

Cool. Glad we could help.

Just spent about two hours trying to make an accent hit in Logic Pro, then in Garageband with lots of fails. And then searched for and found this thread. Who’d have thought that the metadata tags in an audio file would prevent it being imported?