Problem whit songs forum

hello, I have a problem or something I’m doing wrong with my beatbuddy, i have windows 7 ultimate in my pc. download a couple of songs in the manager program connected to my beatbuddy, but when I want to play them on my beatbuddy pedal they do not appear in the pedal screen list, it’s like if they were not recorded, but when I connect to the pc if they are recorded in the manager program. How can i fix this?

After you have the song in BBManager, you need to Export>Project to SD card. That gets the song actually onto the card so you can use it in the pedal. The Export process can take several minutes, so be patient.

waw With what speed you solved my problem, thank you very much, I did not understand the tutorials very well, they are in English and I speak Spanish, I use Google translator to ask the questions and read the answers, so it gets a bit complicated. I greet you from Argentina, thank you very much again!

Con mucho gusto!