problem with exporte mid file from music software into bb manager

Hi everyone.

I just create a beat using my virtual drum machine in Acid Music Studio 10, then i exported the intro, fill and main loop (separeted files i created) into a mid file to be used on the bb, but when i import it into bb manager and try to play it, it has a lot of space with no sound, then it stars and goes off.

when i listen to the exported file on the media player, it is just fine.

does the bbm need a special kind of mid file ?

A couple possibilities - 1) the midi mapping from acid music studio may not be matching the mapping of the drum kit you are using in BB. Try one of GarryA’s kits, as he uses a full GM compliant kit. 2) If you are trying to get something other than drums, bass and keyboard, for example, you have to build the song to match the kit. Again, it is a midi mapping issue. 3) if the parts are exported from other than the very beginning of a track, they may be getting added dead space at their beginning. Export one of your problem tracks from the BB and open that track in acid music studio to see if the notes are in the places you expect them to be.

It definitely sounds like a MIDI mapping issue. @Alfonso Cruz, right click on the track that is not playing all the notes and select ‘edit’. It will open up the BBManager’s MIDI editor. On the left pane where all the instruments are listed, do you see some of them in red text? If so, then the mapping issue is confirmed.

@Alfonso Cruz I had the same issue, but I was using Sony Acid Studio 7.0. Hopefully my solution will work for you ,too. When you are finished working with your beat, right click the clip and select Clip Properties to see the Piano Roll Editor and List Editor. (I hope things are similar in 10). Click the “Save File As” icon, which in 7 is a Floppy Disk icon with a question mark in it, located in the upper right corner of the clip properties window. This generated a midi file that worked perfectly in the main loop.